[NEW PIC] Changmin’s New 2016 Present To Fans!

As I was browsing Facebook (FB) last night and working on updates to all my accounts, I came across a CUTE (and handsome 😍😎❤️😛👍) photo of Changmin.  I know it’s sort-of an older pic of him (maybe last year, I don’t know? *shrugs shoulders*) but seriously.  Dude…you NEVER seem to ‘look’ old whatsoever, do you??? 😱😳😯  Gosh, I swear he’s still as if he can be my son or something. lol 😅😁 (good Lord)  No, I’m serious!  I know he’s got a baby face n’all.  But still.  Omg! lol  It’s like he never ages! hahahaha (I HATE him for that. *grrrrrrr* j/k)

Well, here’s the new pic-present of Changmin to fans…and enjoy! ❤️


See, even Yunho approves! lol


I also wonder whether he’s wearing a silver Apple watch in the photo above.  Prior to this photo, last year when he visited LA in October 2015 for the KoreaGrazia photoshoot he did, he wore a silver Apple watch. (see 3 photos below)  And, not just any silver Apple watch…it’s the one that’s in a separate showcase from the others in the Apple store because they’re worth over $1,900.00+/USD or so. 😱😳💀*dies*  Yeah…that’s the one  I’m talking about.  He owns a silver Apple watch like that. 😱💀😱💀😱💀  Then again, he can afford it. lol  He’s so deserving of one too! 😛❤️😎👍

Btw, the outfit that Changmin is wearing in this photo, he wore coming from Korea to LA for the KoreaGrazia photoshoot he did in October 2015. (just before his enlistment)


Don’t you just LOVE Changmin’s hands & fingers too? *swoons*  I love his fingernails, fingers, strong hands, veins, wrinkles, etc.  Actually, everything about him I love! haha *ahem*o0600060013824171597

In this photo, it also seemed he wore this outfit when he went on his European vacation trip last year in September 2015.  So, with that said, I’m wondering if this ‘gift-pic’ to the right, was from that trip.  Could be, ya never know. ❤️😛👍  Oh, and btw, the pic to the left  was shot in the U.K.  He walked the Beatles’ cd album cover photo…the very famous Abbey Road in London! (see pics below)  Lucky him! 😛 *boo hoo me* 😞😒🙄😑

Changmin and Director JaeWonShim (and a couple other staff members w/them)(Jae aka ‘beatburgerjae’ on IG) walked the same Beatles’ cd album cover, Abbey Road in London, U.K. (2015.09)
Beatle’s cd cover album, Abbey Road in London. (U.K.)

cr 1st 2 pics from the top: LINE app (my own screencaps)
cr Yunho pic: Google
cr pics of Changmin: Facebook and Google
cr pic of Beatles’ cd album cover: Google


TVXQ ‘HELiOPHiLiA’ Photobook in Samui, Thailand!


TVXQ fans have been long awaiting the announcement from SM Entertainment.  Last year, Yunho and Changmin traveled to Thailand, followed by persistent Thai fans, and we discovered that while on their last vacation before enlisting, they shot a photobook.  Well, it FINALLY came!  SM released TVXQ’s special photobook titled ‘HELiOPHiLiA!’ at the end of September (2016).

The word heliophilia means ‘attraction to the sun’ (i.e. such as a sunflower, etc.), which would explain the yellow-colored cover of the photobook.  Ardent TVXQ fans also know both Yunho and Changmin hold sunflowers very precious and dear to them.  Yunho made up a silly jingle about sunflowers while in Spain while on their Italy trip in 2013 for their ‘Ti Amo’ photobook shoot, and Changmin personally handed out sunflowers in October 2015 to fans, one by one, at the last ‘Shilla Duty Free Fan Event with MAX’ in Japan meeting before his enlistment on November 19, 2015…the day before his birthday (11/18).

















Yunho and Changmin spent their Thai vacation with their manager and staff, whom they’ve spent several years with during their careers.

It’s been two years since they came out with their 2014 photobook ,‘TI AMO’ (photoshoot shot on-location in Italy in 2013; sold in 2014), and this one is a more friendly, bright photobook where fans can see the pair just ‘foolin’ around’ with one another.  It also includes a handwritten letter from both members as well.

-#TVXQ is to release a special photobook #HELiOPHiLiA! on September 29.
-Now available for pre-order, both online and offline. 
-Exhibition to be held at #SUM stores of SMTOWN @ Coexartium and Lotte Young Plaza in Myeong-dong starting on Sep 21.

The book is 304 pages long and includes a “Behind the Scenes: Making Of’ dvd.  There are also limited numbers of posters and photo cards, while supplies last.  Prices varies depending on which website it’s purchased from, and the photobook was released on the 29th of September via online stores as well as bookstores in Korea.

Order online Internationally from: Yesasia, CDJapan, HMV, KPOPTOWN, and KTOWN4U online.

Word Credit: We Are T – TVXQ Int’l Fansite
Pic Credit: TVXQ’s Official FB page

**[PICS + FANCAM VIDS] 160909 Changmin @ ‘Running To The Sky’ SMPA Unit Performance**


More photos & fancam videos of Changmin on this Amebla blog:–tvxq/entry-12198427943.html?frm_src=thumb_module–tvxq/entry-12198404117.html?frm_src=thumb_module–tvxq/entry-12198518941.html?frm_src=thumb_module–tvxq/entry-12198551422.html

Twitter links:

Fancam video below:

original cr photos: @2for1T + photos as tagged + Chandora–tvxq Ameba blog

[NEW TVXQ! CD Album INFO] 160907 Tomorrow’s previews to be: ‘In Our Time’ + ‘Weep’ -Two of Us

-Release Date: October 5, 2016
-Bigeast version cd album
**WARNING: Teaser music ahead.  Be forewarned if you wish to not listen to the music links below, if you’d rather wait to receive your cd album first.**

The last previews of Tohoshinki’s upcoming Remix cd album 「Two of Us」 will be revealed tomorrow. (160908)  So far it’s been these songs:

Baby don’t cry -Two of Us ver-
OCEAN -Two of Us ver-
Believe In U -Two of Us ver-
Duet -Two of Us ver-
Sweat -Two of Us ver-
One and Only One -Two of Us ver-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai) -Two of Us ver-
Time Works Wonders -Two of Us ver-
One More Thing -Two of Us ver-
Chandelier -Two of Us ver-

Avex Japan will post ‘In Our Time’ -Two of Us ver- and ‘Weep’ -Two of Us ver- at 2:00pm and 1:00am respectively tomorrow. (JT time)

Below are teaser YouTube links to listen to, prior to the album’s public release date:

東方神起 / One and Only One -Two of Us ver.-試聴用音源

東方神起 / Sweat -Two of Us ver.- 試聴用音源

東方神起 / Duet -Two of Us ver.- 試聴用音源

東方神起 / Believe In U -Two of Us ver.- 試聴用音源

東方神起 / In Our Time -Two of Us ver.-試聴用音源

東方神起 / Weep -Two of Us ver.-試聴用音源

Official videos & info: Tohoshinki’s Official website and Avex
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[ARTICLE + 12 PHOTOS] ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ – New DVD Promotions in Japan!


For a second time, the ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ K-drama is releasing a Blu-Ray and regular dvd boxsets in Japan, and this time the promotional set includes posters, 3 Limited Edition book markers, and a photobook. (see below pics)

-dvd box set (Japan ver)
-Region 2; no Eng subs

-dvd’s with photobook and limited edition book markers

-photobook pages

-limited edition book markers

This boxset is different from the first one that was released, as it includes different BTS out-takes as well.  Unfortunately, there are still no English subtitles available. (see below 3 photos)

In addition, the media chain store Tsutaya bookstore in Japan, has also joined in the promotions by creating their own “Love Asia Book” with beautiful photos of Max Changmin and the other actors in the drama. This beautiful book is given away to customers as gifts, and is not for sale. (see below pic)


All of the photos were taken before his military enlistment, as noted by his longer hair style.  His beauty is REALLY beyond compare!  What are your thoughts?  Hope to hear your comments! ❤️😉

Gosh, how I want to buy this Blu-Ray dvd box set SO BAD. 😓😭*dies*

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Scholar Who Walks the Night Promotions in Japan