[NEW PIC] Changmin’s New 2016 Present To Fans!

As I was browsing Facebook (FB) last night and working on updates to all my accounts, I came across a CUTE (and handsome 😍😎❤️😛👍) photo of Changmin.  I know it’s sort-of an older pic of him (maybe last year, I don’t know? *shrugs shoulders*) but seriously.  Dude…you NEVER seem to ‘look’ old whatsoever, do you??? 😱😳😯  Gosh, I swear he’s still as if he can be my son or something. lol 😅😁 (good Lord)  No, I’m serious!  I know he’s got a baby face n’all.  But still.  Omg! lol  It’s like he never ages! hahahaha (I HATE him for that. *grrrrrrr* j/k)

Well, here’s the new pic-present of Changmin to fans…and enjoy! ❤️


See, even Yunho approves! lol


I also wonder whether he’s wearing a silver Apple watch in the photo above.  Prior to this photo, last year when he visited LA in October 2015 for the KoreaGrazia photoshoot he did, he wore a silver Apple watch. (see 3 photos below)  And, not just any silver Apple watch…it’s the one that’s in a separate showcase from the others in the Apple store because they’re worth over $1,900.00+/USD or so. 😱😳💀*dies*  Yeah…that’s the one  I’m talking about.  He owns a silver Apple watch like that. 😱💀😱💀😱💀  Then again, he can afford it. lol  He’s so deserving of one too! 😛❤️😎👍

Btw, the outfit that Changmin is wearing in this photo, he wore coming from Korea to LA for the KoreaGrazia photoshoot he did in October 2015. (just before his enlistment)


Don’t you just LOVE Changmin’s hands & fingers too? *swoons*  I love his fingernails, fingers, strong hands, veins, wrinkles, etc.  Actually, everything about him I love! haha *ahem*o0600060013824171597

In this photo, it also seemed he wore this outfit when he went on his European vacation trip last year in September 2015.  So, with that said, I’m wondering if this ‘gift-pic’ to the right, was from that trip.  Could be, ya never know. ❤️😛👍  Oh, and btw, the pic to the left  was shot in the U.K.  He walked the Beatles’ cd album cover photo…the very famous Abbey Road in London! (see pics below)  Lucky him! 😛 *boo hoo me* 😞😒🙄😑

Changmin and Director JaeWonShim (and a couple other staff members w/them)(Jae aka ‘beatburgerjae’ on IG) walked the same Beatles’ cd album cover, Abbey Road in London, U.K. (2015.09)
Beatle’s cd cover album, Abbey Road in London. (U.K.)

cr 1st 2 pics from the top: LINE app (my own screencaps)
cr Yunho pic: Google
cr pics of Changmin: Facebook and Google
cr pic of Beatles’ cd album cover: Google


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