[ARTICLE + 12 PHOTOS] ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ – New DVD Promotions in Japan!


For a second time, the ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ K-drama is releasing a Blu-Ray and regular dvd boxsets in Japan, and this time the promotional set includes posters, 3 Limited Edition book markers, and a photobook. (see below pics)

-dvd box set (Japan ver)
-Region 2; no Eng subs

-dvd’s with photobook and limited edition book markers

-photobook pages

-limited edition book markers

This boxset is different from the first one that was released, as it includes different BTS out-takes as well.  Unfortunately, there are still no English subtitles available. (see below 3 photos)

In addition, the media chain store Tsutaya bookstore in Japan, has also joined in the promotions by creating their own “Love Asia Book” with beautiful photos of Max Changmin and the other actors in the drama. This beautiful book is given away to customers as gifts, and is not for sale. (see below pic)


All of the photos were taken before his military enlistment, as noted by his longer hair style.  His beauty is REALLY beyond compare!  What are your thoughts?  Hope to hear your comments! ❤️😉

Gosh, how I want to buy this Blu-Ray dvd box set SO BAD. 😓😭*dies*

Original post shared by: Kat Kokenes of We Are T – TVXQ Int’l Fansite (WordPress)
-Note: Please credit her if taking photos.  Thank you!

Scholar Who Walks the Night Promotions in Japan


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