[School of Oz Hologram Musical] My Official SUM COEX 3-D Printing Max Changmin Figure!

Scheduled soon for delivery from DHL Express shipping from Amazon Japan, will be my Official SUM COEX 3-D Printing Max Changmin figure doll!  Kyaaaaa~~!!!! 😍😱😍😱😍😱😎❤️😉👍  This particular outfit he’s wearing, is taken from the ‘School of Oz’ Hologram Musical (stage play) Concert, and the figure doll could only be purchased at the SUM COEX building in S.Korea.


I can’t WAIT to see how it’ll look in person, especially since there was a notice when purchasing this item, that it’s very delicate and should not be placed in direct sunlight, near heat, etc.  The directions also said when taking it out of the box for assembly (it comes with a glass container to put it in) to be very careful in putting it together.  I should ask my daughter to help me with it. lol  She’s very good in putting delicate things together, and is always gentle in handling delicate stuff.  Below photos, are the side and back-views to this figure as well.


cr photos: Amazon Japan


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