My 東方神起/TVXQ/DBSK DVD ‘Wish List’ For 2016…

Today, I surfed the Net on various CD online websites for stuff, and it made me realize I’m missing several to my current 東方神起/TVXQ dvd collection I own.  Now, I’ve accumulated a lot of their cd albums and singles already, including every Bigeast version cd single + album there is.  But even so, I’m still missing some dvd’s as well.  Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around this year, I’ll start purchasing some of these items:

1) [Blu-Ray DVD + Photobook] TVXQ Special Live Tour -T1ST0RY- in Seoul (Korea Ver)


I already have the regular version First Press Ltd Ed dvd box set + photobook. (see photo below)  The 2 dvd’s came with the photo booklet, and I ordered this dvd set with the poster in tube too.  But, after watching it at a friend’s place to her TVXQLAParty, and we all watched it on her HD flatscreen TV in Blu-Ray…I nearly dropped to my knees! *dies* 😍😱😍😱😍😱❤️😎👍


That’s when I said to myself I REALLY NEED to buy this Blu-Ray edition instead. (see photo below)  Not only does it come with the photo booklet, 2 Blu-Ray dvd’s, and poster…but the fact that HD Blu-Ray is 100% BETTER in clarity and quality, seeing everything in Hi-Def compared to regular dvd’s.  Blu-Ray is highly detailed with much more pixels as well as brighter/sharper color and much clearer reception, composition, etc.  It’s as if you’re actually ‘there’, seeing TVXQ at this concert and being with them all over again. (seriously!)  And, you’re no longer needing the use of an all-region dvd player.  HD Blu-Ray dvd’s play on any dvd unit, and it doesn’t matter what region it is.  You may lose some bonus ‘making of’ footage from the Blu-Ray editions compared to buying the regular dvd box sets that come with the bonus stuff in it, but still.  You can always grab the ‘making of/backstage documentary’ video clips from YouTube, etc. that other fans upload online elsewhere.


Here are a few more other Blu-Ray dvd’s I want to add to my collection:

2) [Blu-Ray] 東方神起 LIVE Tour 2014 ‘TREE’ (Jpn Ver)
-I already own this regular dvd in First Press Limited Edition. (see pic below)


3) [Blu-Ray] 東方神起 LIVE Tour 2014 ‘TIME’ (Jpn Ver)
-I already own this regular dvd in First Press Limited Edition. (below pic)


4) [Blu-Ray] DBSK 3rd Live Tour 2008 ‘T’ (Jpn Ver)
-I’ve never owned this dvd before. (see below pic)  I’ve been meaning to buy it long ago, but never had the opportunity to buy it this entire time.  I kept forgetting all about it. 😓😞😖  Well, make no mistake.  Now I’m going to buy this one, one way or the other, even if it has to take precedent over the other dvd’s first, if I have to. lol j/k  I like this one, just because there are so many older songs of theirs I liked listening to back then when they were together as 5 in the group.  My favorite songs from this album are: Purple Line, Last Angel feat. Koda Kumi, Darkness Eyes, Rising Sun, Summer Dream, Love in the Ice, Choosey Lover, and Trick to name a few.  There’s so much more I can’t seem to remember, but I’d really like to watch this concert in Blu-Ray, with all 5 of them dancing and singing to all of these songs! (omg)  This dvd and ‘Five In The Black’ are also memories, as well as ‘O’ and 4th Live Tour 2009 ‘Secret Code’ that are also phenomenal and exceptional to add to any TVXQ dvd collection.  For me, owning this one would definitely be a great addition and make it final. 😊👍❤️😎



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