[Sept ’16 Issue] It’s KOREAL Japanese Magazine (Vol.76)

Last night, I finally made a purchase in pre-ordering this magazine that has Max Changmin in it! (yaaaaay)  I ordered from Amazon Japan online, and one of my Japanese fangirl-friends on Facebook (FB) mentioned he’d be in a small interview in this one.  Now, prior to him being in this magazine, Tsutaya bookstore in Japan was also giving away for free to its customers a small photo booklet with Max Changmin in it.

Also, there’s another bonus for me as well to this mag.  Lee Joon Gi(Ki) is on the cover! *dies*  He looks super HOT!!! 😎😍😉😛❤️👍💋  Such flawless skin and I love his hair here. ❤️😉 (even though I know he’s wearing makeup…lol)  He appears in a special interview with several pages of him, as well as Song Joong Ki making an appearance in it as well with several pages to his interview. ❤️👍

This time, this photoshoot Changmin did was just magnificent. 😍❤️😱😘👍💘  For some reason, I’m finding it one of the most handsome and beautiful shoots he’s done by far to date. (no joke) Even though the pages aren’t glossy, he still does not disappoint!  He always gives his viewers and fans 100% into every photoshoot he does.  Unfortunately, he appears in only two pages to this magazine.

Hope you all enjoy Changmin’s manliness and handsomeness in all its glory.  Enjoy! 💋😍❤️😎😉✌️


Special Tsutaya bookstore (Japan only) booklet…


1st mag scan: Amazon Japan
cr 2nd pic: on Facebook (FB) from someone
other mag scans shared by: We Are T (@wearetvxq fanclub) FB page
Tumblr link: Love Book “Scholar Who Walks the Night” at Tsutaya


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